Best Topwater Snook Lures
best snook lures

Best Topwater Snook Lures

Each angler has aspects of fishing that keeps them coming back for more. For some, it’s the chance to have some peace and quiet and experience the beauty of the water. For others, it’s the possibility of landing a trophy fish.

If you poll a large group of anglers, you would find many that say the exhilaration of a topwater bite is hard to beat. Skipping the lure across the water in anticipation of a blow-up is enough to make people travel thousands of miles to catch fish.

In the ocean, the topwater bites are an entirely different level of excitement. You never know what is going to strike and the fight that ensues is more than enough of a reminder of how amazing topwater fishing is.

When you’re targeting ambush fish like Snook, the topwater bites are that much better. Snook don’t want to spend any more time away from safety than they have to so be prepared for an aggressive fight!

Here is a list of some of the best topwater Snook lures to use on your next fishing excursion!

Rapala Skitter Walk

The Rapala Skitter Walk is a must-have for any angler looking to fish for Snook on topwater. This lure has great action and also has a rattle inside of it that makes quite a bit of commotion on the surface. When saltwater fishing, you want to be sure that your lures have plenty of action.

This lure is always going to catch fish. If it’s Snook you’re after, these lures are best to fish in the spring and throughout the summer. If you can find a calm spring morning or evening, throw the Skitter Walk. It’s going to be too much for the fish to resist.

You can find these for around $15 a piece.

How to fish with the Rapala Skitter Walk

Due to their makeup, Snook are mostly going to be looking sideways and up towards the surface of the water. This doesn’t mean that they don’t bottom feed, but their natural tendency is to survey the water around themselves and the water above.

As long as it’s not windy and there isn’t a ton of action on the surface of the water, a topwater Snook bait is going to work.

Attach the Skitter Walk directly to the braid to ensure that you achieve the most natural presentation. You’ll need to use “walk-the-dog” action with the Skitter Walk. To do this, you want to continually jerk the lure, let it pause and jerk it again.

This will move quite a bit of water and allow you to land quite a few fish.

Shimano Pop Orca Slim

Poppers are another smart choice for anglers looking to land Snook. ORCA has done their part over the last few years to make the most of their lures and achieve the most natural-looking presentations. The Orca Slim has a bubble chamber so even more water will be moved as a result of this bait.

It’s around seven inches long and weighs three options. You can find it in six different colors and it will cost you around $20 a piece.

How to Fish with the Shimano Pop Orca Slim

You want to look for structure and calmer water. You can fish these on a bit choppier days due to the massive amount of water they move, but they’re ideal on the calmer days.

Cast these towards a grassy bottom, mangrove trees or even larger rock pilings and you’ll catch fish, Since Snook are looking to ambush their prey, they’ll leave safety and dive directly towards it once they take your bait.

To successfully pop this bait, you want to hold the rod top at around 45 degrees down towards the surface of the water. Quickly pull back on the rod tip and let it pause for a second. You’ll see water shoot up on both sides of the lure and you’re in business!


Snook have a hard time turning down mullet. MirrOlure has discovered a nice formula for creating natural looking mullet. It’s a slimmer design, works great for casting and works great for landing some nice size Snook.

It’s only three inches long and weighs ⅜ of an ounce so it’s not a great bait to use on windy days or choppy water. It has a pair of treble hooks and the shine on it makes it tempting for Snook. Plus, the bead on the inside of the lure makes an enticing sound!

These will cost you around $10 a piece.

How to Fish with the MirrOmullet

The MirrOmullet is a twitch bait. As a result, you’ll have to fish it similar to the walk-the-dog lures. It’s small size makes it easy for the Snook to eat, but can be difficult to identify if the conditions aren’t correct.

Throw this lure on calm mornings or evenings near shallower water. The Snook will be able to find it especially if you’re fishing near some sort of structure. It’s not going to cast a great distance, but on calm days, it will accomplish exactly what you need.

Halco Slidog

The Halco Slidog is a well-known bait in the world of Snook fishing. It’s around 5 inches long and weighs almost two ounces. This topwater bait is going to help you cover quite a bit of water. The larger size is helpful on those windier days.

This lure can be found in over 10 color options and uses size 1 treble hooks. This bait will catch large Snook and brave any sort of conditions you put in its path. You’ll find these lures for around $15 a piece.

How to Fish with the Halco Slidog

The Slidog is a stickbait and is a great bait to use if you’re looking to try some new methods of retrieval. It’s going to work best if you’re twitching around schools of bait. Anywhere where you see bait, throw the Slidog.

It will fit right in with the rest of the bait and the Snook will appreciate the larger size and extra action that it draws. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this bait. It’s meant to cast long distances and catch any sort of curious fish.

If you’re looking for an all-around topwater Snook bait, the Halco Slidog is a great choice.

Bomber Wake Minnow

The Bomber Wake Minnow is the most unique bait on this list. It’s a jointed bait so it causes quite a bit of commotion in the water. It’s a great lure for anyone looking to try fishing for Snook.

These baits are around 5.5 inches long and way around a half an ounce. You can find the bait in 10 different colors.

The Bomber Wake Minnow will cost you around $15 a piece.

How to Fish with the Bomber Wake Minnow

The Bomber Wake Minnow technically sits just below the surface, but it’s jointed body does create a v-wake on the surface. It’s a great bait to use if you see Snook tailing. They’re hunting just below the surface.

If possible, use this bait in shallow water. It’s great to use in the flats or shallow areas near mangroves. It imitates a wounded baitfish quite well. Since it’s a bit heavier and sits right below the surface, you can fish it in a variety of conditions and at any time of the day.

Versatility makes the Bomber Wake Minnow a wonderful choice!

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