Best Rod and Reel for Inshore Fishing
Best Rod and Reel for Inshore Fishing

Best Rod and Reel for Inshore Fishing

To an angler, rods and reels are an extension of their body. These are carefully chosen pieces of equipment that provide hours of entertainment. They’re put through all different types of scenarios and have to endure rough conditions.

For many anglers, it takes quite a bit of time to find the ideal setup. Throughout the years, different rods and reels are purchased based on necessity and desire. Each of these has features that anglers appreciate and ones they wish didn’t exist.

Some anglers choose a rod and reel and make it work. While it comes down to a matter of choice, there are inshore rods and reels that stand out far above the others.

A Few Things to Consider

When it comes to purchasing a new inshore rod, anglers have quite a bit of things to consider. Many people don’t want to spend $300 or $400 on an inshore rod. These rods have a high possibility of breaking due to the constant movement and outside factors that could easily snap the rod.

Plus, the higher end rods are going to be more sensitive and have quite a bit of graphite in its makeup. Graphite is a bit more brittle and has a higher chance of breaking. The lower priced rods are going to be made up of fiberglass and likely last longer than the higher priced rods.

While you’ll sacrifice some weight, the lower end rods will provide you more of a peace of mind that they’re going to last. If you have the funds, the graphite rods are great to use, but a higher chance of durability may be worth the less money.

Daiwa Back Bay

The Daiwa Back Bay is a 7.5 foot medium heavy rod. It has an extra fast action so it’s going to be able to handle a wide variety of fish. These rods are great to use if you’re wanting to fish with a bit larger bait. Whether it’s live bait or lures, the Daiwa Back Bay is a great choice.

It can hold 10-20 pound test line so be sure that the reel you purchase can fit these necessary guidelines. The best part of this rod is that it is only going to cost your around $130. It’s going to last you a long while as long as you take proper care of it!

Okuma Epixor Inshore

Okuma offers anglers quality at an extremely low price. This rod is only going to cost you $70. It’s a 7.5 foot heavy rod with moderate action. It’s going to be able to handle a bit heavier line up to 30 pound test.

If you’re new to inshore fishing and looking for a rod that isn’t going to break the bank, but still provide you with a quality experience the Okuma Epixor Inshore is a nice choice for you.

Ugly Stik Inshore Select

If you know anything about durability and fishing, you know that Ugly Stik is known for its ability to withstand just about anything you throw its way. You can search YouTube all day long and find a variety of strength tests! If it’s durability you’re after, then Ugly Stik is for you.

It’s a one piece rod that helps the rig last quite a bit longer. The best aspect of the Ugly Stik Inshore Select is that it is only going to cost anglers around $60. This rod can handle 10-25 pound test and is fairly light considering its makeup. It only ways around 8 ounces!

Penn Squadron II Inshore Spinning Rod

The Penn Squadron is made for a new saltwater angler. It costs less than $100 and is great in a variety of situations. It’s only 7 feet long so you don’t have to worry about learning how to cast with a longer rod.

It is made up of composite graphite. Composite graphite is a nice mixture of graphite and fiberglass so anglers can purchase the Penn Squadron II with peace of mind that it is going to last them for many years.

If you do happen to break it, you’ll likely purchase the exact same rod. For the casual inshore angler, you’ll have a hard time finding a better rod than the Penn Squadron II.


Reels are always going to be the more costly portion of your saltwater fishing setup and rightfully so. Your reel is responsible for the control of the fish. If it’s a quality inshore reel, you can fight anything you hook into. Be willing to invest a bit more into your reels. It’s well worth it.

Abu Garcia Revo

If you aren’t targeting massive fish, the Abu Garcia Revo is a wonderful option. It has up to a 17 pound drag and has a 6:2:1 ratio. This has quite a bit of power for being a smaller reel, but its ability to cast longer distances isn’t as strong.

If you know you aren’t going to hook into anything massive, the Revo is perfect. It will cost you around $150, but all things considered, Abu Garcia is a quality brand that is guaranteed to last.

Quantum Cabo PT

The Quantum Cabo is a fan favorite in the world of inshore fishing. It’s a bit heavier and weighs just under one pound. The size 50 is able to handle 400 yards of braid and will be able to handle smaller Tarpon and Snook.

These reels are exceptionally strong for their size. If you’re worried about longer fights and wearing fish down, the Quantum Cabo will help you land these fish much faster than other reels in its class.

The Cabo will cost you around $175 a piece, but this reel is well worth it. It’s smooth, looks great and is going to give you peace of mind that it can help you wrestle any sort of inshore fish.

Shimano Stradic Ci4+

Anything with this fancy of name should be quality, right? Thankfully, Shimano was able to back up the interesting name with impressive performance. This reel is almost 25 percent lighter than the previous models due to a new rotor.

The reel can produce 24 pounds of drag and is going to be a nice addition to your inshore reel collection. It’s not a complicated build so cleaning it is quite easy. While saltwater reels are anodized, you need to be sure to properly care for them. Shimano makes it quite simple on this model.

This is the priciest reel on this list so far, but the $200 is worth the money. Each model of this reel has proven its worth and the Ci4+ is no different. (This is my personal favorite reel).

Diawa Saltist

The Daiwa Saltist is arguably the best reel on this list. Daiwa has been a prominent figure in the fishing industry for many years and has produced a wonderful reel in the Saltist. It’s light weight makes it easy to match up with a variety of rods.

You can find it in models ranging from 2500 to 8000. The drag is waterproof so maintenance is not needed nearly as much on this model as it is on others from this list. Plus, this reel is only going to cost you around $160.


When it comes to choosing a rod and reel, you need to try a variety before you make your choice. Visit a bait shop or other type of fishing store and feel the rods and reels in your hand. It’s going to make a large difference in your choice. You may walk in with an ideal setup in your mind and leave with something completely different!

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