10 Best Salt Water Trout Lures

10 Best Salt Water Trout Lures

10 Best Salt Water Trout Lures

10 Best Saltwater Trout Lures 

Trout are an obsession for anglers all across the world. Each region has its own unique species of trout that are caught in a multitude of ways. Fly anglers choose from thousands of different fly patterns and spin anglers can throw anything from live bait to walking stick baits to catch these fish. 

The most common “trout” in the ocean are known as Speckled Sea Trout. While they’re technically a part of the Drum family, their physical characteristics bare a striking resemblance to freshwater trout.

If you’re looking for the best trout fishingThe Speckled Trout can be caught inshore near the Gulf Coast all the way up towards Cape Cod. These fish range from one to 15 pounds. 

Catching Speckled Sea Trout can be done in a variety of ways, but once you’re hooked, you’re in for a treat. These fish are extremely acrobatic and strike your bait with ferocity. 

Here is a list of the 10 Best Lures to Use To Catch Salt Water Trout: 

Heddon Super Spook 

The Super Spook is a wonderful bait to use during the topwater bite. The larger trout are often chasing after mullet or other baitfish and the Super Spook imitates these well. 

To get the best results, you’ll need to fish the lure with a “walk-the-dog” action. Don’t walk it all the way back to you without pausing. Fish often like to hit the bait on the pause. 

Patience is necessary when trying to catch these fish. You’ll likely have to experiment with different colors, but the most successful are often pink and chartreuse. 

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp 

Almost everything in the ocean is going to eat shrimp. Therefore, one of the best options for lures is a soft-plastic shrimp imitation. This allows you the option to not struggle with live bait and still catch fish. These baits are soaked in a strong scented liquid to help attract the trout. 

These work to fish with a popping cork like you would with a live shrimp. Throw it exactly where you would if you were using live bait. Remember, you’re likely to catch a variety of fish when you’re using a shrimp-like bait. Enjoy the numerous species! 

Shimano Suspending Waxwing 

This is a great option for when the trout quit surface feeding. It sits lower in the water column, but still has a similar action to a topwater lure. 

It has the “walk-the-dog” action that the trout like. Remember to pause throughout your retrieve. A consistent pace back to you isn’t going to do the trick. The fish like a bit of variety. 

Johnson Silver Minnow 

The Johnson Silver Minnow is a great option if you’re fishing over oyster bars or seagrass beds. The flash along with the action imitates a baitfish or crab that may be feeding over the oyster bed. The Silver Minnow is going to dive deeper into the water column, but it won’t get caught up in the grass. 

This Silver Minnow is best retrieved at a slower pace to achieve the most wobble. Also, remember to fish this with a swivel or you will be dealing with quite a bit of line twist. The Johnson Silver Minnow is a staple in the world of Speckled Sea Trout. Give it a try and you’ll be quite pleased. 

LiveTarget Mullet Twitchbait


Any sort of lure with the word Mullet in it should attract the eyes of an angler targeting Speckled Sea Trout. It’s a floating jerk bait that gives an extremely accurate representation of a mullet. It’s around four inches long and weighs upwards of seven ounces. As a result, it almost looks like you’re using a popper. 

Poppers attract large fish so be prepared for something much larger than a Speckled Sea Trout to attack it. It’s an awesome bait to fish if you’re looking for massive blow-ups. You won’t ever be bored fishing the Mullet Twitchbait. 

Bomber Super Pogy

The Super Pogy is a smart choice for a search bait. If you can’t quite tell where the trout are feeding and need to search the water column, use the Super Pogy. It’s a wonderful option to help you catch those suspended fish. If you’re not in the mood to try five or six different lures, it’s the right choice. 

You can identify where they’re feeding and make the necessary changes from there. For the first bait of the day, the Super Pogy is a smart choice. It’s around 3.5 inches and comes in a variety of different colors. 

MirrOlure Soft Mullet 

Another soft plastic, the Soft Mullet, is a proven choice for anyone wanting to stay with a live bait pattern but don’t want to deal with the issues they present. These are smart to fish under a popping cork similar to the shrimp patterns. Pair this with a Salt-Runner jig head and you’ll be in business. 

Look for clear water when fishing for Speckled Trout. They’re more picky about water clarity than Redfish. Also, they’re easy to identify if there is prey near the surface. Speckled Sea Trout are an athletic fish and are not afraid to break the surface while hunting. 

Tsunami Holographic Swimbait 

Tsunami Swimbaits are great options for anyone looking to have a more rigid presentation in the water. This may not be a bad option for late in the season when the fish aren’t as aggressive or willing to strike. This presentation works great for cold water because it accurately represents a baitfish. 

These baits are also a bit smaller than traditional Speckled Trout Swimbaits. As a result, later in the season, they are more enticing since they don’t seem as intimidating of a target. Keep one of these on hand at all points of the year. 

Halco Roosta Popper

The Halco Roosta is one of the most famous saltwater poppers in existence. Every fishing video game has an option to use the Roosta. It’s in those games for a reason! It works extremely well, especially for trout. 

It’s vibrant colors work well in the lower light. Trout are a great fish to target in low light due to their high activity and the Roosta helps take advantage of their aggressiveness. It can withstand strikes and is guaranteed to be one of the longer lasting baits in your box. 

LiveTarget Shrimp

A Speckled Trout lure list would not be complete without a few shrimp options. The LiveTarget Shrimp is an impressively accurate representation of a shrimp. It’s created to sink in the water column and twitch on its way down. 

Be sure to fish it under a popping cork or a clacker-style. These shrimp will get hammered as they descend in the water so be prepared. 

Final Tips For Trout Fishing In Florida:

Speckled Sea Trout are an amazing fish to target and can lead to hours of entertainment. They’re best targeted in clearer water and in lower light conditions. If you aren’t seeing any breaking the surface, use the Bomber Super Pogy to search the water column. 

Also, for tackle, you can use either a spinning or baitcasting rod. You won’t need anything more than 20-30 pound braid with a 20-pound leader. Speckled Trout are a fairly easy fish to target and it’s a great fish to try to catch for a beginner saltwater angler. 


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